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North Creek Animal Hospital is a flea free facility, and in order to maintain this standard, flea treatment will be administered upon admission. It is the owners responsibilty to provide North Creek Animal Hospital with proof of current vaccinations prior to boarding, or they will be administered upon admission.

The price for boarding is dependent on the number of pets we have boarding over a weekend. To be charged boarding prices, the minimum requirement is 3 pets in the facility.If the minimum requirement of pets is not met, your pet will be charged hospitalization prices for their stay over the weekend.

Required for admission:
Dogs - DA2PP, Bordetella, Rabies, Influenza, and Intestinal Parasite Exam
Cats - FVRCPC and Rabies

Would you like us to:
North Creek Animal Hospital is a fear free facility and will administer anti-anxiety medication as deemed necessary by the staff if your pet is experiencing more than average anxiety from boarding. The cost of this medication will be an additional charge and payment will be required at time of discharge. North Creek Animal Hospital is open 7am to 6pm Monday through Friday. Your pet will be secure in our building however they will be unattended after 6pm each night as well as over the weekend. A kennel technician will come to walk, feed, water, and medicate your pet twice a day on Saturday and Sunday. The doctor will be contacted should the need arise. This facility is not equipped with fire protection sprinklers.
The staff at North Creek Animal Hospital take every precaution necessary to prevent injury or escape. North Creek Animal Hospital is not responsible for the actions of the pet that may cause injury or escape. In the event of an emergency, if you cannot be reached and your emergency contact cannot be reached please choose an option as to the course of action you would like North Creek Animal Hospital

Belongings: North Creek Animal Hospital is not responsible for lost items or the exit condition of the item(s).

Bath: **Price of bathing is an additional charge and are not included**


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